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Our mentoring program

The AJBCV’s mentoring program aims to build a network of highly skilled professionals ready to become the next leaders within the Australia-Japan relationship.

We match people at the start of their careers (the mentees) with experienced mentors in the appropriate field of interest to develop their intercultural engagement and intercultural leadership skills between Australia and Japan.

Our program includes alumni events with career development themes that help build professional networks from any stage.

For mentees

As a young professional, graduate or career-starter, the virtual or in-person mentoring sessions provide opportunities for you to gain professional insights, and improve your candidacy and networks for engagement in the Australia-Japan relationship.

If you are keen to explore Australia-Japan-related career paths and job opportunities, this program presents the perfect chance for you to learn from our network of friendly, experienced mentors.

For mentors

As a mentor, you will be given the opportunity to provide advice and leadership to your assigned mentee, who will have a significant amount of interest in your field. This rewarding opportunity will allow you to guide your mentee as they navigate their careers, and assist them in becoming the next generation of highly skilled professionals working within the Australia-Japan space.

The virtual or in-person mentoring sessions will provide you with an opportunity to network with fellow mentors and mentees across various sectors and levels of experience.


Jessica Stevens

Jessica is our highly organised and dedicated director overseeing our popular mentoring program. She connects young people to growth experiences in the Australia-Japan business community. Jessica also provides a rewarding channel for our experienced members to contribute to the professional development of tomorrow’s leaders.