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“Our mission is to sustain a vibrant, inclusive and informed business community of individuals, corporates, government and universities that engage in extensive economic, educational and cultural activities for the mutual prosperity of Japan and the state of Victoria.”

About us

The Australia Japan Business Council of Victoria (AJBCV) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening business, government, educational and cultural links between Victoria and Japan.

We share a genuine belief in the importance of the relationship between Australia and Japan and the rewards and benefits it has to offer. Our programs and events are managed by a community of dedicated volunteers drawn from its membership of large and small business corporations, educational and cultural organisations, and individuals.

We firmly believe that fostering grassroots person-to-person engagement through our local Programs such as the Konshinkai, Japan Melbourne Kai, Australia Japan Businesswomen’s Network, International Women’s Day, Business Briefings, New to Melbourne Meet-ups, Australia Japan Business Culture Training, Scholarship Programs, Internship Program, Mentoring Program Business Briefings and the Golden Gala (amongst many others) remains the foundation of the enduring Australia-Japan relationship.

Core values

Our core values guide the decisions and behaviour of our leadership, members and volunteers. They form the basis of our programs and partnerships with like-minded organisations.


To foster an environment of trust, merit and respect, where everyone feels safe and appreciated


To stimulate authentic connections between members from the grassroots through to national bodies across sectors, experience, geographies


To create a culture of acceptance and openness and ensure sure all members’ voices in our business community are heard


To be proactive and agile by always seeking to improve the way we operate and the services we offer members

Our history

Established in Melbourne in November 1963, the AJBCV was the first Australian organisation to promote common interests between Australia and Japan.

Mr Stanley Gilmour MBE, then Executive Director of the Victorian Employers Federation, founded the AJBCV at a time of growing political and commercial interest in Japan as a significant emerging economy.

Our first office opened on 22 April 1965 in the “Japanese Room” at the Melbourne University School of Architecture. Since then, membership grew quickly with dedicated volunteers planning and staging a wide range of programs and events. These included hosting various delegations from Japan, and organising regular business luncheons, our annual Gala Dinner, our women’s network, youth exchange, scholarships, mentoring program, and members’ business newsletter.

In 2003, we received an award from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for our contribution to the Australia-Japan relationship.

Throughout our history, the AJBCV has maintained collaborative working relationships with our patrons, the Consulate of Japan in Melbourne and the Governor of Victoria.

Our Board

Our board of directors are volunteers who are dedicated to delivering a high-functioning business platform for the Australia Japan ecosystem.

Natsuko Ogawa


Ross Ciaravolo


Celeste Koravos


Nozomi Mandic